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Scholarship Recipients for 2019

Six students have qualified to be our scholarship recipients for 2019. This scholarship is for excellent students from disadvantaged families in Matzu.
From May to December 2019, a total of 385,000 NT dollars will be awarded.

Scholarship Category Name Number of Students
Public College 黃○郡 3
王 ○
Private College 陳○花 2
High School 胡○翰 1
Total 385,000 NT Dollars

2017 MACHVISION’s Contribution to Emergency Family and Disadvantaged Children

MACHVISION’s Contribution to Emergency Family and Disadvantaged Children.
(New Hope Foundation:
There are 105 employees and their families devoting themselves to love on the street.
The total amount in six contributions is NT$82,273.
Thanks for your contribution and share to help the disadvantaged children have full blessing.
To give is better than to receive. Double grace and blessing will come to each sharer.

Share the Love: New Hope Foundation Little Apple Program on 2015/12/01

Share the Love: Lamigo & Wufeng Elementary School on 2014/09/20

Dragon Boat Festival Donation on 2014/05/29

Moon Festival Donation on 2013/09/12

2013 Eden Social Welfare Foundation Charitable Activity

2013 Spread the Love Program

MACHVISION made a contribution to cnYES’s Spread the Love Program, which helped more than 10 social institutions across Taiwan. This year, MACHVISION continuously spreads the love to the disabled, the disadvantaged children, and the elderly.

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Donation: Hsinchu Renai Children’s Home on 2012/09/27

Certificates of Appreciation