ArtWork AOI


Stain,perfect defect






Pin hole


Pad,Short, missing Oad



Since PCB quality standards are becoming more stringent, inspection of defects on films by using magnifying glass has become an obsolete approach. Auto Optical Inspection (AOI) systems have been developed for more effective and precise inspection. Unfortunately, most AOI systems only adopt the Design Rule Check (DRC) algorithm, which is incapable of comprehensive detection of defects. However, MACHVISION now offers a complete film AOI system, ArtWork AOI. It contains smart CAM reference algorithm, which compares scanned data with original CAM data. ArtWork AOI will ensure that your films meet the highest quality standard.

Through the original CAM file and DRC dual data comparison, to prevent the post-process caused a large number.

Via these two functions combined of film inspection and measurement of up & down to save manpower and production efficiency.

The efficiency of group reexamination is 10 times faster than the traditional machine.

Using the machine, the brown film inspection to reduce defects in the outer plate repair and can save the cost.


Intelligent CAM inspection capability ensures artwork quality.

The machine can auto image threshold setting. It’s easy to be operated by person and raise the production efficiency and the high precision.

The best way of re-examination group, greatly reducing the re-examination time.

Special light source system; with sub-pixel image processing, can detect subtle defects, in response to high-specification testing requirements.

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